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Junior Java Backend Developer (part-time)

Job description

Hey there! Are you a student and passionate about diving into the world of Java development? 

Do you have theoretical knowledge of Java and want to gain practical experience in a software development IT company while balancing your academic pursuits?
If your answer is yes, I have an exciting opportunity for you! 

Let me show you how I spend my days as a part-time Java Developer in our company.

  • Developer work

As a part-time Java Backend Developer in our company, I spend my days discovering the exciting world of software development while maintaining a perfect balance with my university studies. I get to work on cutting-edge projects that continually challenge and inspire me to enhance my Java programming skills. Collaborating with our experienced team, I have the unique opportunity to transform my classroom knowledge into practical expertise, applying Java to create robust and efficient back-end solutions. It's not just about code; it's about the invaluable experience and mentorship I receive, allowing me to grow academically and professionally. This role offers me the flexibility to polish my skills, expand my knowledge, and build a strong foundation for my future career, all while pursuing my degree.

Additionally, I have the privilege of delving into a range of tools and technologies that enrich my skill set. Working with AWS services, the GitLab, and observing CI/CD practices has been invaluable to my role. It's not just about writing code; it's about understanding the broader ecosystem and how various tools integrate, making my learning experience multifaceted and practical. Moreover, I handle SQL and work closely with databases, applying theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience has broadened my technical proficiency and allowed me to understand the importance of robust data management, which is a fundamental skill in today's tech landscape. The exposure to these technologies and practices greatly complements my academic learning, providing a well-rounded understanding crucial for a future in the software development industry.

Our teams follow SCRUM and Kanban methods. SCRUM helps us break work into sprints, focusing on specific goals, while Kanban keeps everything organized on visual boards. Working in this setup allows me to learn structured project management. I now understand how to handle tasks effectively, meet deadlines, and stay organized—a skill set vital in any future professional endeavor.

At the start, having basic knowledge of those tools was fine. What mattered more was thinking logically and doing well with university tasks or personal projects. The focus was on Understanding the basics of solving problems and turning ideas into code. As I tackled more challenges, I got better with these tools naturally. The environment here values being eager to learn and taking on new things as much as knowing all the tech stuff. This way of learning has made me a more versatile developer, ready for whatever the industry throws at me.

We are obliged to comply with HIPAA, keeping clients' protected health information (PHI) safe. Our goal is to follow ISO 27001, the leading international standard focused on information security.

  • Tech stack requirements

For success in this role, a basic understanding of Java backend development (Java, Java EE, Spring, and Spring boot frameworks) is valuable. As well as a proven experience through school projects by creating a few applications.

Previous experience with AWS services like Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, S3, and EC2 will immediately make me an asset to the team, but is nice to have.

Job requirements

Salary range
From 7.5 EUR/h. Final salary agreement depends on candidate's skill-set and knowledge.

Language skills
English – Upper intermediate (B2) and  Slovak – Upper intermediate (B2)

Personality Requirements

We appreciate your academic background and your theoretical knowledge as well as your practical experience from part time jobs or internships. We highly evaluate your passion for development, problem-solving skills, and ability to collaborate effectively.

Employee perks, benefits

My company supports me in improving my qualifications and knowledge by learning from my experienced and senior colleagues.
I’m working hybrid, from home office and I also use to attend the office to meet my colleagues, enjoy great coffee and drinks, chill in our relax room and, after office hours, I meet my co- workers and enjoy our teambuildings.
We are a leading American company, but we don’t have to work US working hours.
I’m student with the timetable so I have a flexible working time, respecting my scheduled school lessons and exams.
In addition, I want to mention our office, a very cozy and informal space in the Košice city center.

Information about the selection process

If you would like to know more about our company and career opportunities, let us know about you!
Join our team, and together we'll embark on an exciting journey of building cutting-edge solutions using Java and AWS technologies. 

Apply now, and let's create something remarkable!